This work showed me that I can see and understand how I feel by listening to the feelings my body sends me and by imagining what it wants to tell me. I understood that it’s a dialogue between my mind and my body that won’t balance if I won’t make a peace between those two parts of myself.
— Magdalena S., In a Partnership
The sessions opened my eyes to a different look on my life. I had a chance to see how my body tells me how I feel about myself and other people. I know that I know everything I need to know to continue to better myself and to comfort myself. That I know what to do but am just scared or lazy to make those changes. But when I listen I can use those sensations and get used to them and not run away from them. I feel that when I feel those feelings fully I can be really myself.
— Thomas C., Married for 8 years
Whether you attended his trainings, watched his videos, or were privately coached by Jonathan he will change your life! Jonathan is my go-to for getting unstuck when life throws intense experiences and emotions my way. His methods are consistently incredible and I always come away with greater understanding of myself and clarity for my journey.
— Eri Kardos Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Relationship Coach. 2 kids, Married
My experience of Jonathan as a healer is one of gratitude and awe. It seems that he always knows where I need to be nudging, where I need to be questioned, and when I most need encouragement. If you have an opportunity to work with Jonathan, soak it up! Your body, mind, and soul will delight.
— Karissa L., In a Partnership, 1 child.
Working with Jonathan is a highly transformational experience. I may show up to a session without a clear intention or sense of what will emerge, but something always does. Jonathan’s presence alone is a gift. He is able to sit in stillness and silence, and hold that space with incredible love and compassion. Just a few minutes of sitting with Jonathan and tears are flowing and my concerns well up from my soul. Jonathan is an astute observer of the body and its language. He regularly takes note of my movements and how I hold my body and is able to provide insight on the energy and function of that part of my body and ask questions to help me explore what I might be holding in my body. Jonathan is excellent at suggesting sounds and movements to move stagnant energy through my body and process stored trauma. I highly recommend Jonathan’s services to anyone looking to connect more deeply with their body, their desires, and their purpose. You will not regret it and are in highly educated, experienced, capable and kind hands.
— Mary Reid, Women's Embodiment & Sexual Empowerment Educator, Married 5 years, 2 children