You can Save your Marriage.

Helping Married Couples Create a Sustainable, Embodied Strategy for:

  • Meeting Each Others’ Needs

  • Becoming Deeply Vulnerable & Authentic

  • Loving Into the Depths of Possibility



  • Your relationship is sacred, and will bring up the darkness, fear, joy, and love within you. All relationship issues are pointing to a deeper and more fulfilling experience of life.

  • By listening to your feelings, you get in touch with the truth of your own being.

  • Grounded and embodied listening will change everything about how you relate, and it will change you.

  • A problem is a sacred doorway, with the potential to initiate you into a more integrated understanding of your situation.

  • You can trust yourself and your needs.

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What is the work?


Much like the squiggles in this image, we are relational beings offering one another the keys we need in our lives. But it’s not just in our head — it moves through our hearts, bellies, genitals, and minds.

For people who have taken a committed leap together, you have become integrated. Your problems and issues arise together: you affect one another constantly and in the deepest ways. Many people believe the only way out of a predicament, when it turns sour, is to leave a marriage. For some people, this can be a way to defer the real problem to a later experience. For these couples, I help address the root issues while remaining in the intimacy of partnership.

This work helps us turn towards one another with our truths. It begs us to ask questions such as:

  • How do we react to our own feelings?

  • How do we communicate with one another?

  • How do we listen to our own true needs?

As we give ourselves space, time, and patience within the framed structure of ritual, we create a new pattern of relationship. We allow a healthier pattern to emerge. We build on what is present, and acknowledge the deep moving needs and values of our beings. There are no wrong feelings, no wrong desires, and no wrong thoughts. As we shed light on the hidden aspects of our feelings and behavior, we find peace and acceptance within them. We rest into ourselves, and find the natural structure of our relationship to be more fulfilling than we imagined possible.

Let me ask you this:

Do you feel like you have been living a role with your partner? Do you feel like you became your parents? Do you feel like you are trapped in what society told you to be or do? Do you feel like you somehow lost yourself?

It’s normal to shift and adapt our behavior to meet the demands placed upon us, as well as the ones our partner has of us. This is a beautiful part of relationship, but if we are not honest with ourselves and our partner, we can build relationship on untruths that have been handed to us by others. We can lose ourselves. This is ultimately an unavoidable problem, and the beginning of a beautiful maturing in our relationships.

When we lose ourselves, a reckoning must arise. For many marriages, this means a divorce. I do not believe it has to lead there for many people. If we are courageous, full of faith, and willing to let new embodied patterns emerge, this process can guide us to find a more deeply fulfilling experience of our relationship.

In this work, we use the body as the compass & barometer of our thoughts and feelings. This allows us to stay grounded in truth, and avoid taking on the stories all around us. To turn to the wisdom of the body is in line with the most modern developments of neuroscience, trauma & PTSD development, and movement training. We use and listen to the intelligence of the body, and do not disregard or direct it.

Our bodies are the sacred physical expression of our minds. As we start to understand and believe this, we allow our feelings — both emotional and sensational — to direct our thoughts in ways that fundamentally change who we are. By allowing room for our inner experience, we actually become more deeply who we are. This causes a natural shift in our relationships. For many people such dramatic shifts can bring forth the end of their relationship. For all people, these processes are an ending, but it’s possible to become a new beginning to relationship.

Especially for couples who have made a commitment of depth, they can begin to experience the reworking of their relationship in each moment, or to come into the experience of growth. As they become more deeply present to their own minds and the experience of their partner, moments can become electric. As they learn to calm their fear and anxiety, they can be renewed in the continuity and variety of connection. As new patterns of behavior take root and become habitualized, they can locate a deeper, more fulfilling experience of love.

By paying attention to feelings, we begin to see how, where, and why we jump out of ourselves, hide from our own emotions, create projections, assumptions, and ultimately fights. When we take time to feel, we disrupt the chain of reactions that have created stuckness, anger, and resentment between each other. We find patience, strength, resilience, and a more unique expression of our own love than we have experienced. We find who we are in an emergent manner. By doing so, we are able to turn our eyes outwards to find out who our partner is in the same becoming way.

This sort of relational humility demands vulnerability and presence. It is hard and rewarding and beautiful. It is a balm when wounds from the world make us want to close up.


Who is it for?

This program is for married couples who take “til death do us part” seriously, but find themselves in an impossible situation. They both feel committed, in their power, and willing to try, but they haven’t found anything that can work. Everything turns to gridlock and frustration, and divorce is starting to seem like a real possibility.

This is a sacred moment.


What is The 8 Week Program?

The 8 week program is designed to challenge the patterns of your relationship. It will help you uncover the values and desires that you are not acknowledging, and shine light on the way you are creating the patterns between you. Ultimately, it is designed to take your pain and gridlock and help it metamorphize into the deeper, secure love that you both desire.

Over 8 weeks, you will use rituals, focus on your own embodiment, meditation, conversation, writing, and a trip to a sacred native American healing ground in New Mexico to rewire the way you relate.

Throughout the 8 weeks, you will have unlimited access to my vision, aid, and assistance, along with receiving scheduled exercises and structures for rituals to help you both create meaning and space with one another.

All our experience is pattern based, and the eight weeks is a time to consciously allow a new pattern to emerge. Ideally this pattern will help you through one of the greatest moments your marriage has faced, and become a fertile ground to grow new more fulfilling interactions for the rest of your lives.



Satisfaction is guaranteed, results are not.

Whatever happens in this program will be a product of your own lives, belief, strength, and resilience. I provide space for focused, intentful acknowledgement of our own complexity, and the potential to heal and change old behavior.

My clients must enter the process with trust, clarity, and understanding that as we dig into what is not working, we approach parts of ourselves we may be terrified of. This process eventually helps us find a truly sustainable, embodied solution to express and receive love. This is what we are really looking for — to refind the vulnerability of a true lover. Not only are we looking for it, but we are the untapped well of it.

The challenges to get there are real, and they are inside you. Because the structure of the eight weeks is ritualistic, you can’t separate one piece from another. I want my clients to understand that this is a ritualistic journey to create a new pattern that works for them. The goal is to be able to use this pattern for the rest of your lives to create a lasting, sustainable, and more meaningful marriage.

Because of the nature of this work, there will inherently be a vast array of experiences. This is essential and part of the process of assessing and transforming the state of your marriage.

Wherever the process takes you, if you are unsatisfied at any point, I will refund my full fee. Before I purchase deliverables (about 2 weeks after enrollment), this is 100% of the price paid. After purchasing deliverables, I subtract those costs, and the refund is 75% of the price paid.

This is my way of standing behind my work. It allows me to communicate honestly, and tell you that I believe in what I do, and if it doesn’t fit for you, you will be able to leave easily, freely and without financial burden.

  • Beginning of Week 1 - Opening Ritual

  • Week 1 - A Story & Its Effects

  • Week 2 - Personal Dreaming, Vision, and Desire

  • Week 3 - Listening in a new way

  • Week 4 - When We Feel Alive

  • Week 5 - Space for Growth

  • Week 6 - Exploring Touch

  • Week 7 - Resting into Experience

  • End of Week 7 - Weekend Journey to Ojo Caliente Hot Springs Resort in New Mexico

  • Week 8

    (Week 8 is left unnamed intentionally.)

  • End of Week Eight - Fire Ritual


Next Steps

If this work sounds interesting, watch my webinar below: “5 Steps to Find the Heart of Your Relationship.” It lasts 45 minutes, and it will help you understand more about the way I view the body, ritual, connection, and relationship.

After watching the webinar, you will be able to schedule a call to speak with me personally and explore if the program is right for your marriage.