Sensation, Intimacy, & Truth

Helping Couples Re-Locate the Heart of Their Relationship


I help couples regain intimacy and connection in their relationship.  We use the body and principles of communication to ensure you are in touch with your core truth, and able to communicate it fully to your partner.

The approach is powerful, and will help you navigate whatever issues you face in your relationship.

Does this sound like your relationship?  If so, we can help.

  • Remaining in silence and avoid the topics that are most important in your relationship
  • Not feeling that you have space to be yourself fully and unapologetically in your relationship
  • Becoming overwhelmed with judgement and anger at your partner
  • Fearing the next conversation and what might come out of it
  • Doubting the future longevity of your relationship
  • Feeling that happiness and joy are not possible together in your relationship
  • Always being stuck in thinking about “how things were” when you were younger, happier, and better together
  • Failing to see and embrace how you continue to grow and learn together
  • Ignoring the most important values and concerns that create true disharmony in your relationship
  • Remaining emotionally unable to stay with your partner when triggered
  • Failing to understand what and why you personally get out of your relationship
  • Continuing to project your deep unresolved emotions onto your relationship, without being able to be met and assisted by your partner, as you seek and create self-fulfillment.

Watch the Regaining Intimacy Webinar