Did your partner stop hearing you?

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You can regain the footing in your relationship.

Your probably feel like throwing in the towel, right?  You have probably been with your spouse or partner for years, share common experiences, language, history, maybe even property and kids?  I'm sure you know the financial, emotional, and time cost of quitting, but it's starting to feel like the only option.  I'll bet you would do whatever it takes to fix things, but you've already tried everything.

I'm here to tell you: I know you need something radical, and it doesn't have to be jumping ship.  My speciality is to to help you identify what's going on, how to get through it, and get you tangible results.  We will do it in less than 3 hours.  Your results are guaranteed to meet your definition of success, or I refund your money. 

This work is process based, and result oriented.

Most relationship advice focuses on tricks and tools that might work for a short time, but tends to treat all relationships in a prescriptive format.  I know from my work with humans, personalities, and bodies that a prescription only works insofar as you make it your own.  Instead of simple rules, I help couples listen to the emotion and thought of their bodies.  Then I hold space for them to complete their process with one another, essentially guaranteeing results — not from what I know, but from what you know.

I'm guessing you've read the best sellers, and you've been to couples counseling.  Your close friends already know the drama, and everyone's got an opinion, right? 

You've proabably analyzed the dynamics for years and are still missing results.  I've seen it, and I've been through it.  I'm here to tell you something important.  As time passes, things should be getting better.  Progress in your relationship isn't about time passing, it's about what you do with that time.  This is why I use process to support couples' journeys.  That means that we finish when you feel finished.  We move with specific goals and timelines, and frame things so that you issues will come to the forefront. If you are willing to work and be brave, then I can help you. 

Do you just feel stuck?

Most people I work with feel this way.  It's like there is no way forward, and every attempt to repair the relationship ends in silence, arguments, hurt feelings, turning away, or worse.  And most people tell me they have tried everything.  

What different about my work is that I get people to listen to their own bodies.  Your body produces the reaction you have.  It happens before you think about it.  Your snap judgements, your fast anger or resentment, your patterned responses all come from your history, and you carry this history in your body.  If you just focus on your ideas about your relationship, nothing will change.  If you open yourself to your own feelings, and learn to navigate this inner world, we can locate the hingepoint of any issue.  This is my talent, and if my experience has taught me anything, it's that I am here and able to help people who want help.

The process is pretty simple.  We listen to the stories that you are telling.  We ground in the present moment with our bodies, notice our feelings, and gently examine them.  Then we learn gentle ways of communicating the truths we find to our partners.  

I have worked with many people, and I have never found anyone who knows everything that's going on inside them.  I have never failed to help someone uncover something new in their own minds.  It's kind of astonishing to say but true.  When we move from an embodied basis, we avoid the trap of telling stories without creating change.

Click on the button below to see a 33 minute training that I created to demonstrate this work.  Admittedly, it's not as good as doing it in person and having me give immediate feedback and ask questions, but this is a start.  Consider it a dip into a much larger pool.

If you like what you see, you can book a session with me.  I allow up to 4 hours of this process-based session, and they come with an absolutely guaranteed money-back promise.  If you find value in the first session, you are welcome to apply its cost towards enrollment in my 8 week program.  This is when I help couples really move through their big patterns, and shape a new possibility for their lives.

It starts now...

Don't give up on your relationship before you watch this short training.

Whether you attended his trainings, watched his videos, or were privately coached by Jonathan he will change your life! Jonathan is my go-to for getting unstuck when life throws intense experiences and emotions my way. His methods are consistently incredible and I always come away with greater understanding of myself and clarity for my journey.
— Eri Kardos Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Relationship Coach. 2 kids, Married.
Doing the work to get in tune with what I really want and need in my body, communicating that truth to my wife, and then hearing her truth changed everything in my marriage. I was so frustrated. I didn’t feel like I could be myself. We talked about it and made the commitment and to enter the Embodiment.io program. It gave me the tools & experiences to feel confident with her again. It was what we needed, but more importantly I found my desire for commitment, and we are finally intimate again.
— From Joseph M, Married for 25+ years
My experience of Jonathan as a healer is one of gratitude and awe. It seems that he always knows where we need to be nudging, where we need to be questioned, and when we most need encouragement. If you have an opportunity to work with Jonathan, soak it up! Your body, mind, and soul will delight… Thank you for helping us find more mature intimacy than we have ever known.
— Jenny L., 7+ year partnership
Working with Jonathan is a highly transformational experience. I may show up to a session without a clear intention or sense of what will emerge, but something always does. Jonathan’s presence alone is a gift. He is able to sit in stillness and silence, and hold that space with incredible love and compassion. Just a few minutes of sitting with Jonathan and tears are flowing and my concerns well up from my soul. Jonathan is an astute observer of the body and its language. He regularly takes note of my movements and how I hold my body and is able to provide insight on the energy and function of that part of my body and ask questions to help me explore what I might be holding in my body. Jonathan is excellent at suggesting sounds and movements to move stagnant energy through my body and process stored trauma. I highly recommend Jonathan’s services to anyone looking to connect more deeply with their body, their desires, and their purpose. You will not regret it and are in highly educated, experienced, capable and kind hands.
— Mary, Married 3+ years, 2 kids.